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Spinal Injuries

The spine or backbone consists of vertebrae connected by joints. Because of stiffened muscle tissue, blockades in the spine or a combination of both a misbalance can occur in the spine, often causing various back issues. A combination of physiotherapy and orthomanual care offers the solution in many of these cases.


Hip Injuries

The hip joint is made up of the head of the femur and the cup, formed by the pelvis. This three-dimensional joint is complex and can cause many injuries such as buttock and groin problems. Physiotherapy, sometimes complemented with manual therapy, in combination with the right exercises often assures speedy recovery.


Shoulder Injury

The flexibility of the shoulder makes it a complex joint, and susceptible to various kinds of injuries. Examples are instability problems after a shoulder dislocation or strain. A thorough functional examination of the shoulder can explain many symptoms, treatment by a physiotherapist assures speedy recovery.


Knee Injuries

Knee Injuries come in many different forms, for example as a result of trauma such as an anterior cruciate ligament or meniscus injuries due to overloading. The treatment of knee injuries consists of analyzing the problem, loosening of the muscles and strengthening exercises. The rehabilitation program is specifically designed to let you resume sport as soon as possible.

Elbow & Wrist

Elbow & Wrist Injuries

Especially in racket sports irritations can occur to ligaments in the wrist and elbow. When these occur in the muscles that are attached to the outside of the elbow, this is referred to as a tennis elbow. If irritation occurs on the inside called this is called a golf elbow. Physiotherapy and exercise can accelerate the recovery process.


Ankle Injuries

A common ankle injury is a sprain. When turning the ankle too far inside or outside ankle injuries can occur. Rest, cooling and elevation allow for quick recovery in most cases, visiting the physiotherapist may, however, increase stability and successful rehabilitation. People with chronic ankle problems should consult a physiotherapist to prevent reoccurrence.