Optimal Rehabilitation for Maximum Recovery

Fast Rehabilitation after Sports Injuries

There’s nothing worse than not being able to practice or enjoy your favorite sport due to an injury. Whether it’s a knee affliction from a soccer match, a muscle tear during a game of tennis or running inflicted ailment.

ProFysio ensures optimal rehabilitation. The objective of ProFysio for any athlete, from hobbyist to professional, is to participate in his or her favorite sport as soon as possible.

Through intensive collaboration with sports physicians from the Sports Medical Advice Centre in Amsterdam (Simon Goedegebuure, FC Utrecht, and Niels Wine, Ajax), it is possible to, if necessary, quickly get additional examinations done, for example, an X-ray photograph or an MRI scan.

The Advantages of ProFysio Sport Rehabilitation

  • Intensive supervision of specialized physiotherapist
  • A personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan, focused on a sport-specific objective
  • Combination of intensive treatment and responsible training
  • Test en evaluation moments
  • Specific attention to muscle strength, movement coordination, agility and overall fitness
  • Focus on the resuming sport as soon as possible, maintaining fitness and preventing recurrence