ProFysio Methodology & Philosophy

Unique Methodolygy

ProFysio treatment is highly result-oriented. We focus our treatments especially on the deep and intense loosening of stiffened muscles, combined with an extensive stretching and strength program to restore the balance between load and load-bearing capacity. In addition, we operate in a multidisciplinary team and have a wide range of specialists such as physiotherapists, orthomanual doctors, manual therapists, osteopaths and personal trainers.

Through our distinctive treatment programmultidisciplinary approach, comprehensive rehabilitation facilities and exercise programs, we create a base to get the body in shape as soon as possible. Moreover, this treatment provides the right foundation to prevent any symptom recurrences.



ProFysio operates on a philosophy that was developed in the 80s. Since then ProFysio has further optimized this treatment method / philosophy through research and training in practice. The theory behind the method is proven, the research methods are thorough and effective.

During our treatments, we use a holistic approach and use a treatment method in which tailor-made programs are essential. We focus on orthopaedic problems, such as muscle, tendon and joint problems, both sport and work related. The holistic approach is reflected in the fact that we do not only look at where the symptoms present themselves and the adjacent muscles and joints but focus on the entire body and even the patient’s lifestyle.

Thanks to this unique philosophy and treatment ProFysio has become a flourishing Sports Medical Center at two locations.