Joint Consultation Physiotherapist and Orthopedist

Joint Consultation Physiotherapist and Orthopedist

ProFysio Amsterdam partners with the department of orthopaedics at OLVG West and Medical Center Jan van Goyen. The joint expertise of both specialists is used to quickly set up a focused treatment plan for patients with acute sports injuries or chronic complaints. The intensive cooperation between physiotherapist and orthopedist ensures good communication. Leading to effective care for the patient and better results. 

This consult is for anyone who needs quick and adequate care for an acute sport injury, or other orthopedic injuries. The consult has a multidisciplinary character. This means your injury is viewed and treated from different areas of expertise (orthopaedic and physiotherapy). During the consultation, you will initially have an interview with the physiotherapist. Your injury will be examined immediately. If needed, an X-ray examination can be performed. The physiotherapist will discuss his findings with the orthopedist. The physiotherapist and orthopaedic surgeon then will then jointly inform you about the treatment options for your injury.