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Pilates Method

The Pilates Method is a program to bring the body into shape developed by Joseph Pilates, a German athlete and pioneer of Physiotherapy. It is a multifaceted approach to fitness that everyone, from professional dancer to sedentary office worker, benefit from it. With the aim of improving postural muscles of the body, Pilates builds strength from the inside, so that the body becomes more balanced and re-learns movement patterns to perform more efficiently. Pilates focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles in the center of the body, the abdomen, lower back and buttocks. Because of the emphasis on the extended contraction of the muscle and its focus on a good performance with less movement repetitions, Pilates builds strength without increasing muscle mass on. Pilates muscles are rather long and slender or short and thick. The unique thing about Pilates is its precise, controlled and fluid movements as in dance the body learns to move freely and smoothly without tension.


Introduction to Pilates

A basic course of six lessons for anyone who wants to know the Pilates Method. The classes including basic knowledge of breathing, posture and essential repertoire of exercises.

Level II

Builds on the basics of Pilates with emphasis on precision, increased flexibility and more challenging for your heart. Suitable for students with some Pilates experience.


Suitable for those aged 12 to 30 who have already followed Pilates classes. This lesson developed the full readiness to move through a constructive and challenging set of exercises. Thera tires, balls and rollers are put into practice.



Interested in dynamic balance focused weight training? Then Springboard lessons something for you. Using a rollback bar and arm and leg springs you run through a quick series of constructive, challenging strength and balance exercises.

Power Flow

The name says it all: a powerful and smooth, 60-minute strength training. Difficult inversions, arm strength, stamina, concentration, varying from one exercise to another, are just some of the characteristics of this popular class.

Private Lessen

If you need to rehabilitate after an injury, you can follow an individualized Pilates program. Do you have a busy job and little free time? Than Pilates gives you the focus and structure to meet your mental and physical goals. Pilates is also highly recommended to optimize performance as a dancer, actor, musician or athlete, before and after pregnancy or chronic localized muscular tension.

De instructors

The instructors are licensed to authorized Pilates. We are pleased that Jelena Petrovic with  already 7 years teaching experience and background as a professional dancer with Smart Body has become part of our ProFysio center. She performs customized programs based on your needs and closely follow your developments.


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Alexander Technique

What is Alexander technique

Alexander Technique is one of the most respected and best practices to improve posture and coordination, reducing chronic pain and improve general wellbeing. The student learns to avoid/stop harmful patterns of unnecessary muscle tension. This results in a more balanced and efficient approach which benefit all daily activities.

Why lessons

There are many reasons to attend classes. Many people come to the technique with chronic back pain, excessive stress, or RSI seeking longterm solutions to their problems. Others come because they want to improve their posture and coordination. Managers and presenters who speak before large groups often come to improve their speech, their overall presentation and ability to remain calm. Musicians, actors, dancers and athletes take lessons for a more balanced performance. Many people with desk jobs come to class in order to learn a better way to sit and work behind a computer with less stress. The technique offers as much insight into the the mind and body, as it has a positive impact on virtually all activities.

The Lessons
During class the (spoken) instructions from the teacher are combined with light touch. This allows the student to gain practical knowledge of both its own destructive habits plus a more accurate posture and improved movement coordination. It is typical for an Alexander Technique lesson that the student leaves with a very relaxed feeling, like a really good massage, and with a feeling of easier movement, as if the joints are  lubricated, and a better understanding of the functioning of the whole body. With this unique combination of physical experience and intellectual knowledge, students can further continue independently its own ways of change. Private lessons offer the benefit of the most individual attention. The technique also offers group lessons, during which motion exercises and the individual quest are emphasized.