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ProFysio Personal training: GHIFT

GHIFT is a new form of rehabilitation training, and stands for Graded High Intensity Functional Training ©. GHIFT is a program consisting of thorough examination and tests in order to indicate which muscle groups a person has to train to get fit. The training is based on scientific principles and has led to many good results. By dividing the body into different layers and train these in terms of strength, coordination and endurance, problems are addressed structurally and the body is more balanced. GHIFT focuses on training what you can not do, instead of training what you can do. It is not about performance, but about facilitating. All muscles are addressed, resulting in a powerful body that is in balance and feels fit. The level of training is tailored to the individual and also accessible for people with problems such as lower back pain, knee problems and shoulder problems. This program is used for those who need extra training to perform better in their sport. The program is ideally suited as “Strength & Conditioning” training.