Treating the Body as a Whole

The overall coherence of body movement is the field of osteopathy. Using manual research an osteopath locates parts in the body that have reduced mobility. Through a large number of manual techniques (using his hands) an osteopath loosens the body. This is not only beneficial on a local level but also improves movement of all connected parts of the body (for example a nearby vertebra). Sometimes a long-lasting emotional state has tensed up the body in such a way that a different approach has to be considered. For these complaints especially, osteopathy is a very suitable treatment method. Treatment by an osteopath often brings great relief. An osteopath can solve problems which have been around for years and sometimes even seemed insolvable. An osteopath sees the body as a whole. An osteopath knows what body tissues are interconnected and how they might interact. Therefore an osteopath can find the possible cause of a complaint and treat it accordingly.


Each treatment with Osteo Clinic | practice osteopathy in Amsterdam IJburg and Center is customized for each patient. Sometimes it may be wise to combine osteopathy with other therapies such as physiotherapy, podiatry, mesology or advice from a dietician. Osteo Clinic has close contacts with several therapists besides o