Orthomanual treatment

Balance in your Spine

Orthomanual treatment is all about correcting spinal misalignments. You are placed in a position that allows the relevant vertebra or joint to be brought back in the correct position. The correction itself is done using little strength. Sometimes, however, pressure is applied to places that are already sensitive so treatment can be experienced as painful. Most of the corrections are done by hand, but sometimes a hammer and a punch with a rubber stopper are used. This aim of these tools is not to hit hard, but to put targeted pressure on certain places.

Collaboration with Profysio

The Spineclinic team consists of three orthomanual doctors, who work closely with the physiotherapists at ProFysio. Furthermore, the Spideclinic team works with neurologists, rehabilitation specialists and pain clinics in the region.


A collaboration etween Orthomanual Doctors and Physiotherapists

The Treatment Plan

The treatment of the entire spinal column usually consists of 5 or 6 sessions. After each treatment, some pain or fatigue may occur. It is possible that pain will occur in places without previous issues. During treatment we follow a fixed order. Tthe most painful area is often only treated at the last session, which might leave the impression that your symptoms are not being taken into consideration before. 

After the Last Treatment
After the last treatment symptoms generally reduce quickly, but it can take up to a few or more weeks to notice improvement. The body needs this time to adapt to the new positions and posture. Sometimes postural changes need to be repeated after a certain period, therefor we always make a checkup appointment after two to three months.


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