Smartbody Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique teaches you how to improve your posture and movement during daily activities. The Alexander Technique offers a gentle and gradual way of change. Recommended for anyone suffering from chronic neck or back pain, or looking to improve their posture, piano technique, sports performance or presentation skills.

alexander techniek


In groups sessions with a maximum of eight students, we work on posture problems through hands-on feedback, demonstrations, guided meditations and exercises. Students gradually develop their own “mental toolkit”, which helps to improve body awareness and freedom of movement.

Private Lessons

Through verbal instructions and manipulations by gentle touch, you learn to undo harmful habits, allowing you to adopt a new and healthier way of moving.

Sport Technique

We also apply the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique to running and swimming, where we increase the ease of movement and minimize the risk of injuries.

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